Hey I’m John!

Navigating Breath is a space I created to help others flourish through sharing my journey and helping them navigate theirs.

I’m from New Zealand, I grew up on a farm and I spent a great deal of the first 25 years of my life sick with asthma and chronic chest infections. In my younger years I really struggled in school eventually I dropped out then got my trade certificate as a Cabinet Maker, and then went to uni and got a degree as a Product Designer/Engineer. I’ve spent most of my adult life either on the tools or designing all manner of items.  At around 27 years old I decided enough was enough, I felt like there had to be more to life and I was sick and tired of always being sick and tired. So I began seeking alternative healing methods.
After a few years of working with local healers, and developing my own practises, I haven’t had a chest infection since, I almost never get sick, and I’m learning to really live, not just exist.
I tried all manner of healing modalities from kinesiology to reiki to Ayahuasca. The more I did the work the more I desired to share it, but nothing I’d experienced so far felt quite right. I’ve always been a firm believer in two things. That facilitators need to embody what they preach, and that healing modalities should leave the individual feeling empowered, and in all I’d tried, something was still missing.
By some wild coincidence, I discovered Owaken’s breathwork and signed up for one of their workshops. The sessions were hugely profound, the same level of experiences I’d had with Ayahuasca through my breath, and at a level I felt I was actually able to comprehend and integrate into daily life. The more sessions I did the more I saw shifts, both in my internal and external world. My relationship with myself was improving, as was that of my relationships with those around me. I felt healthier, and more empowered to be myself, and started to feel a sense of fulfilment in my life for the first time. Breathwork was the first time I felt like, this is it, this is how we change the world. So not long after, I become a trauma-informed facilitator, after an intensive 9-month training with Owaken. 

I now feel blessed to be offering other individuals the opportunity to feel the same level of expansion and self-empowerment that I gained through my journey. It brings me great joy to create a safe, loving environment in which you feel safe and comfortable to bring all parts of yourself. Together we can work through any limiting beliefs or past that are keeping you from the life that you so deserve to live.