Traversing life with openness and honesty.


the art of accurately ascertaining one’s position defining a direction through the use of specialised techniques and tools (n).


Allowing an individual to bring to attention aspects of themselves.


A tangible manifestation of a physical idea or feeling.


The alignment of all parts of self. Flowing rhythmically, echoing out into ones community.

Navigating Breath is a journey for all of us. Helping us to step into the present moment, to become all we desire to be, letting go of all that we are not. Venturing deeply and bravely toward all that we are destined to be.



1:1 fully customised guided breathwork journeys. Allowing you to access an altered state of consciousness and reprogram your subconscious.
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Coming 2023. Contact for more info.

“My intention is to assist in the navigation of clients lives toward the highest, most aligned possible outcome.”

— John van Huenen, Founder

“We are all just walking each other home”

Ram Dass