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Reconnecting to your inner wisdom

I’ve been pondering how, at many points in history, we had, what seemed to be, genius’s born every minute. Coming up with and revolutionising theories in all manner of fields that […]

We’re in this together

I started writing an article about where I was at in my journey thus far, but I think what would be far more valuable right now, especially considering its World Mental […]

Dance like no one is watching

Excuse the title, it’s kind of accurate, and I couldn’t resist. One day I will write an equally as questionable one titled “Live, Laugh, Love”. A few weekends back I participated […]

Breath in, breath out

I first was introduced to breathwork without even knowing that’s what I was signing up for. I was sitting on the couch one night scrolling Instagram, and a heavily tattooed, fashionably […]


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