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Guided Breathwork Journey

What is Breathwork:

Breathwork is a consciously connected breathing technique designed to allow the participant to access an altered state of consciousness allowing for nervous system regulation, reprogramming, connecting to the higher self and so much more. Breathwork sessions can be done either one-to-one in-person, in groups and/or online.

A typical session:

A session typically lasts around 2.5 hours. The participant is guided gently through a personalised breathwork journey, only opening them to only go as deeply as they feel comfortable.

Through restorative and activating breathing techniques, the aim of the breathwork session is to restore the natural flow of energy through the body-mind system. During a session clients are safely guided through shifting stored emotions, altering belief systems that no longer serve them, and/or the completion of anything in their nervous system that has been left unprocessed. During the session, this can look like emotional or physical releases, the feeling of energy circulating throughout the body, and so much more.

The lasting effects range from greater clarity to a more regulated nervous system, to greater awareness.

The intention is to create a beautiful, safe space in which you feel safe and held and where all of you is welcome.

A daily practice:

“I had a breathwork and meditation session with John and it did wonders for me. After the session, I felt more relaxed and blessed and I gained a lot of clarity as to what my next step should be in life. I would recommend you try a session with John, you will not regret it.”
– Ruby, Business Development Manager“

“John was very warm, welcoming and patient which made all the difference. He gently guided me through a pretty life-changing breathing exercise I’ll never forget. Many emotions were stirred up which I struggled to show but he really helped me open up. It was a deeply spiritual experience. I also came away with some good tools to use in my daily life when I’m struggling with anxiety, remembering the breath is so very important. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to show up for themselves and dive deep.”
– Tom, Photographer

Holy f#&k that was powerful
-Toby, Entrepreneur

“I approached the session with an open mind as to what could happen but also had intentions of what I wanted out of the session. I was thoroughly impressed with how John held the space for me, I felt safe, held and loved which enabled me to dive deeper into my own vulnerability. I also really appreciated that John was intuitively able to curate a playlist for the session which I feel really resonated with me.”
-Kyle, Adventure tourism

Absolutely amazing experience – I met John through a mutual friend and instantly I could feel that he was a beautiful spirit. Every step of the way from organizing on the phone, on arrival and throughout the experience I felt very safe and heard. John creates a space that lets you go within and do inner work. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and got a lot out of it, definitely a returning customer 10/10
-Zonny, Artist

From the get-go, John created a warm and calming space which quickly put my nerves to rest. It is difficult to articulate the effects of breathwork.
In a way, it felt like a process of disentanglement and restoration of self. I drifted through waves of resolution, reflection, and clarity which ultimately left me feeling more connected to myself, at peace with my past and excited for my future. To say it exceeded my expectations is an understatement. John masterfully guided the process with professionalism, intuition, and ease which allowed me to go the depth that I did. I could not recommend this work with John highly enough, and yes I have already booked my second session.
-Gillian, Psychologist

Currently offering 1:1 in-person breathwork in London, United Kingdom.


the beauty of this work is it can be completely customised to suit you and your the desired outcome.


1:1 fully customised breathwork journey. Either in person or online.

Session is typically 2-3 hours.
Pricing starts at $330/£220/€220*
* Enquire for your local currency

2-3 People

Fully customised breathwork journey for two to three people. Ideal for couples or friends who wish to journey together. Either in person or online.

Session is typically 2-3 hours.
Pricing starts at $550/£330/€330*
* Enquire for your local currency


Fully customised breathwork journey. Can be a predefined theme or intention. Max 10 people unless otherwise specified. Ideal for corporate setting, or retreat style workshop.

Sessions can range from 30min to 3 hours.
Contact for further details.

If you wish to learn more please don’t hesitate to reach out