In person & Online

Guided Breathwork Journey

What is Breathwork:

Breathwork is a consciously connected breathing technique designed to allow the participant to access an altered state of consciousness allowing for nervous system regulation, reprogramming, connecting to the higher self and so much more.
A session typically lasts around 2.5 hours. The participant is guided gently through a personalised breathwork journey, only opening them to only go as deeply as they feel comfortable.

A typical session:

Through restorative and activating breathing techniques, the aim of the breathwork session is to restore the natural flow of energy through the body-mind system. During a session clients are safely guided through shifting stored emotions, altering belief systems that no longer serve them, and/or the completion of anything in their nervous system that has been left unprocessed. During the session, this can look like emotional or physical releases, the feeling of energy circulating throughout the body, and so much more.

The lasting effects range from greater clarity to a more regulated nervous system, to greater awareness.

The intention is to create a beautiful, safe space in which you feel safe and held and where all of you is welcome.

If you wish to learn more please don’t hesitate to reach out

John van Huenen
Founder of Navigating Breath

John is a multidisciplinary, trauma-informed practitioner passionate about the healing process from a holistic perspective. He has been trained by world-renowned facilitators. He truly believes that to be a good facilitator you must first work deeply on yourself, and has spent the last five or more years venturing deeply.